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You need answers to the questions of tomorrow? That's exactly where we come in! We are specialized in the development and technical implementation of deep embedded systems, their hardware and software development, as well as the methodical and procedural implementation of high performance devices from the idea to series production.

Here you will find an overview of all skills and services that we are happy to provide as a service provider to ensure that your project is successfully implemented.


Deep Embedded Software

Platform and low-level software for microcontrollers and microprocessors that operate tightly and precisely as part of your electronic system. We focus on energy and resource optimized software development that provides you with answers instead of questions.

Deep Embedded Software

Hardware and Layouting

Especially in times of volatile material availability in the course of global crisis management, you need a reliable partner from the region who will work with you to bring your products up to the state of the art.


Embedded Prototyping

For the next trade fair visit or as a showcase for the next product tour - we will design a production-ready hardware and software system for you, with which you can arouse interest, tease and inspire.


Functional Safety

Highly available systems for the railroad industry, automotive industry and automation. Through our strict and normative strong process model, as well as a comprehensive validation and verification concept, we implement systems in critical areas.


High-tech algorithms and sensor fusion

Complex and demanding control, regulation and detection tasks we bring from the design on the computer to the board. We design complex algorithms for you, with which you can convince your customers.


IIoT and Industry 4.0

For the classic machinery and manufacturing industry, we offer hardware and middlewares for IIoT and connectivity that have the potential to replace PLCs and control technology in just a few years. Rely with us on real-time systems for smart and high-performance OT in production.


Hyper Car-1

Camera system
for Hypercar

Development of an ECU for a digital exterior mirror with MIPI camera. Hardware system development, software development for control unit based on NXP S32k, safety-compliant documentation and implementation according to ISO26262 and ASIL - including failure detection and implementation of a safe state.


Electric motor for high-end household appliances

Implementation of a new control concept for electric motors for a household appliance, embedding of a control and regulation system for three-phase operation at 230V mains voltage by a new inverter and control concept. Implementation of gate and frequency inverter control for quieter and at the same time more powerful operation


Intelligent railroad signaling

Full platform software development according to SIL / CENELEC for digital signaling in the railroad industry. Programming of the control electronics with configurable characteristic curves for LED matrices of different colors and power classes. Integrated error detection and online tests for safe operation.


Climate Control Premium Cars

Development of a state model-based logic for the operation of air conditioning systems in the top premium segment of the automotive industry. Development of the incoming signal and operating logics via a protocol, evaluation of CapSense and Touch. Transfer to display and system units via CAN bus and BAP protocol. Implementation in low-code IDE for generated C-code.



Paradigms of our work

Process focus
We consistently work according to an ISO-9001 certified development process, where we manifest, document and check our development work in different stages. We ensure top results in all areas of professional hardware and software development of embedded systems. 

Documentation and knowledge transfer
Not only because "you have to", but because we want to, we document around our results the decision context, the rational framework and the conceptual and planning elements of our hardware and software. So that you profit from our development work not only in the short term, but in the long term.

Customer and end-user orientation

On the one hand, it is important to us that we integrate ourselves into your solution space and understand your mission as ours. On the other hand, we never lose sight of the needs of your customers and end users. Thus, we always look at your embedded system holistically and in a strategic context. So that you can provide your customers with better and more mature systems.



For us, professionalism and fun at work are not contradictory, but rather mutually dependent in order to deliver the best possible performance for our customers on a daily basis.

Let's talk about your next project!


We would be happy to talk to you about a possible collaboration. Send us a non-committal project inquiry or let's talk briefly in person.

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